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Never said sorry

I have lived with my ex husband for forty one years who become infected with HIV and consequently develop full blownaids that was back in 1997.


I was totaly devastated by this event.I become awere that since 1988,89 I had been expose to the virus. I suspected that he was having extra marital affair,buthad no idea that he was a bisexual. I was not allowed to ask question about his life style out side the home, or enithing else for that matter due to his secretive nature.


Aafter AIDS I stayed with him for another five years. He slowly recover,thanks to retroviral therapy. The main manifestation of AIDS was enchephalophaty,which leed to dementia with along stream of other related diseses. Few months into the road to recovery he began a relationship with a married woman. The pain an agony I endure are inmaginable

.Over severel years I had countles HIV test, all were negative, life with my husband became inpossible. I finaly left, devastated but free from the insanity of a man that was careles, selfish and never said sorry.


Sent via Email January 16, 2008 from Australia.

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