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I am only 13

Well hi I am Shyanne.

I guess i should say that i do not have Aids. And i feel so sorry for the people who do. I am going in a week to try to talk to other teens who has just found out that they have Aids.

One of the requierment for this position is to have Aids. Well i don't but i understand how hard it is to live with.

One of my friends have Aids and she talks to me about it. I know how hard life is and i know that you feel like it;s never good. Well thats not true life with Aids is no different than life without it. I know you are thinking what is this girl talking about she does not know what it's like. Yeah this is true but you can still play sports get into drama or anything and if you stay healthy you can add an extra 50+ years to your life. The friend of mine that has Aids has not told her parents yet and she does not think that she can. but i tell her that no matter what you have done or what has happend to you your parents will always love you and be there for you. I tell her that even though she made a mistake no one diserves to be punished by getting Aids.

I hope what i tell her will also help you. I am only 13 but my life has not been all golden either. When i was 11 my cousin rapped me and i thought that i had Aids. I felt weak and i broke out in coldsweat alot. But i did not have Aids and i am thankful. Please don't look at all of the bad in your life and look at the good. God Bless and good luck.


Sent via Email January 24, 2008 from USA.


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