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To everyone on this website,
God bless you and keep the faith. My story may or maynot be like yours but it was more of instance when I first met my husband in the early 80's that's when AIDS and HIV was just being noticed, I am not trying to put anyone down but I am a strong, careful,persistant black women and I love myself enough to protect me and my children from harms way, when he and I met I used condoms I always felt unconfortable with our relationship for reasons unknown, don't get me wrong I was treated well and I wouldnot have it any other way. In 1994 we married but that didnot change how I felt sexually, why ? he would'nt get tested for the virus eventhough I was tested and through the grace of god I was negative. For two years I used condoms with him without never letting up no matter what. We never conceived a child but got a divorce in 1998. I went on with my life and remarried had 3 children and yes my new husband tested negative for the virus and I remained negative.

Recently in 2002 my ex-husband was searching for me and found me and announced that he had full blown aids. I was in total shock and he recently married in 2005 and he infected his new wife.


The moral of my story is please if you don't have the virus go to the doctor with your mate encourage him to be tested be visable when those numbers are being read to you be with him at the clinic, because word of mouth does not hold a lot of truth, watch the warning signs feel you body telling you something is wrong.


And those who are infected with the virus please don't infect other people they are giving up their whole lives for you only be honest not because you don't want to be alone you will be surprised, a lot of people are educated about this virus. and please be safe don't reinfect yourself and keep hope their is a cure coming.

Love and be safe world

thank you. and god bless.


Sent via Email January 27, 2008 from USA.


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