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Education from Nambia


I really want to complement your site it is very informative and encouraging and fun! My name is Livey I am from Namibia I have been living with HIV for 5 years now I am 23 this year I got the virus when I was only 17. I also have a son he is HIv negative cause we were on the Prevention from Mother to Child Transmission. Just like many people when I found out about my status I lost hope totally I tried to commit suicide. But I am glad I faild to succeed in that!


It was never easy as Stigma and discrimination contributed alot to my negative thoughts of being infected only with a virus. My family rejected me I lost everything and everyone my school, friend, family even my sexual reproductive rights! I suffered alot not because of the Virus cause I never really got sick but poverty, lonelyness and so much emotional pain took over my life and my sons! However my granny who accepted played a huge part in how I came to accept my status and live like a normal person. She took care of me made me feel normal and we dreamt together of the future! With the little pension she had she will buy us food and clothe me and my son!


I than wrote a book which I did with UNICEF and Afrika Grups of Sweden titled Diary form the land of the Brave to share my story and encourage peopleetc. I also got a very good opportunity to speak at the global conference in New York 2005 iwht the Campaign Unite for Children Uite against Aids. This conference made me Strong! I also visited Sweden through the campaign and it was good platform to share my story and inform fellow youth around the world.


I am now living Positively with HIV it is not a big problem anymore for me personally because it is ony a virus! Stigma and discriminatio is still there but I prefer to be happy and make myself happy! I might not have a comfartable life But Hey I live once and this is the greatest gift I can apreciate while living. I am celebrating my life everyday by staying focussed and prepare a good future for my son and I. If I could I will take my granny on a plane one day to just go and relax anywhere in the world where she can relax at a blue sea sitting at the beach with good food!


I work at Namibia Red Cross Society now and this year I managed to do my gr 12 and other courses I am interested in Media. I infact want to start my own T.V show especially on HIV/AIDS and the World. We dont have such a show in Namibia and I think it is important because our statistics are so High! And I think knowledge is power peopel need information and resources this make them make informed choices.

All the best to this project I love it !!!


Sent via Email April 18, 2008 from Nambia.


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