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Story from 17

hi my name is Bethany i am 17 yrs old now and i am straight...i am from CALIFORNIA ya where all the waves are. but that is besides the point.. this is my story how i got it... i was a under class men n school i was just in 9th grade and i was not cool at all... i mean yea i did have all the looks and a great body and lots of money but 4 some reason that aient good enough for them.. well i had an older sister n she was a JR. she was pretty cool everybody liked her.. well ne ways she wanted me to fit n at school so we went hom and this was a friday n she dressed me all up did my hair and makeup and then we went to this party that ehr boyfriend was throwing... well while i was there my sister hookd me up to this other upper class guy he was really cute n right off the bat i new that this was going to work out and that he was going to be the love of my life... so we started talking and then he wanted to leave and go somewhere and get to kno each other better.. so we l left and we went to the park and just sat and talked.. well he ended up taking me home and he told me goodniht and gave me the best kiss i have ever had... well we kept tlaking on ann eventually he asked me to b his girl of course i sais yes!!!! we was dating for 5 months and he told me he loved me that he wanted me to be the love of his life and his babys mama..well i believed him and we has sex for the first time.. i lost my virginity to him.. it hurt at first but it got so much better... then after that we had un prtoected sex all the time... come to find out he was cheating on m ewith his ex-girl and that he had hiv....i was heartbroken he was my first love...i believed what he told me...but then i found i was pregnet and i was scared that my baby might get hiv... i did not want that... i told him about the baby and he said it wasent his he did not want it.. that broke my heart even more.. well i had the baby ne ways and she urned out to be the prettiest baby i have ever seen.. her name was Americas Hope..... and my baby did not have hiv... that was so great to here... well me n americas live on our own now.. and i have found someone else in my life who i really love.. he treats americas as if she was his own... now her real father is wanting something todo in her life and i wont let him... so girls and guys please do not have uprotected sex even if u love the person alot... do not have unprotected sex...


Sent via Email May 17, 2008 from California, USA.


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