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A promise

Hi My name is Regina and i am 24 years old and hiv negative. My boyfriend of 4 yrs and i went for a hiv test 3 months ago and he was found to be hiv positive. We have always used protection. We has always sworn that we would remain together if one of us was found to be positive and i certainly kept my word. He has also been drinking a lot of alcohol of late and im not sure of how to deal with this.He has always been a heavy drinker even before but after th test he agreed that he would reduce intake for the sake of his health.


We live together and its getting really frustating to just watch him destroy himself. I am the only one who knows about him status and i plan to keep it that way until he is ready to tell other people.
Its not easy at all to live with a hiv positive person who is going through anger, denial, self blame\pity.


But im gonna hang on coz i love him so much and i made a promise to him.


Sent via Email June 4, 2008 from Kenya.


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