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Envourage you


Hi all,
I'm from Australia! Yes and Im HIV positive i've been that way since 1987 yet only in the last year did I go on meds! I guess it wa inportant too keep on livin good rather than being sick and stuff. Yet I put my lenght of Health too my faith in Christ (not Religion) mine is relationship! even with all the struggles that l' ve had over the years God (Christ) never has not helped me, as he will you all also!! Thats Love.


I origonally thought of killing myself when i found out Yet! I thought I would visit Africa some 6 years ago and expereience Life with those in the thick of it! From the first time Ive been 4 more times, I guess ya learn too look Death in the face. I have in a strange kind of way been Blessed as I have met so many people that once Hated people like me yet when I shred from my Heart, they see Im human and Frail Too as we all are at sometime, thats why I needed Christ I needed an unfailing Love not based on the restrictions and the conditions of Mankind.


So I Encourage you too seek the Hope that he has given me and Look too him or at least Try. I can emperthise withyou as I've bBeen there Yet Keep Going.
GOD Bless



Sent via Email June 16, 2008 from Australia.


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