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Just once

i there folks,

I like to call myself Mosach, coz that is what my friends named me a very long time ago, but with time things change, they are no longer my friends.


If you saw me, you would never guess I tested HIV+ve person, I look as if I'm as strong as an OX and my skin is OK, I'm just 23, I drive a corvette, I was supposed to get married next year to a very beautiful woman and life was good, even now nothing about me would let out my secret that I have HIV.I was soo much in love with my life, my friends around me, my family and then one fine day it all came crashing down on me, and even though I am alive I don't have a life anymore.

I was at a friends place once, and he had a few of his other friends come over, where I met a very attractive young woman, just looking at her made me doubt my beliefs about me having a complete life, It was like love at first sight, she was soo beautiful, but little did I know that I was slipping into the arms of Satan. One thing led to another and we started seeing each other and spending more time with each other, it was a bit too good to be real and then suddenly one day we had sex, and I distincly remember me asking her whether it was right and she just didn't respond.


A few days later she just stopped responding to my phone calls and text messages and then one fine day when I thought I had her out of my head, my conscience poked me to go looking for her one more time, the last time. I heard that she was deported from the Emirates for some unknown reason (she was from Moldova working here as an Expat).

I was doing ok when one day I fell sick with a viral fewer and then after a few months with Jaundice, this time the doc ordered a comprehensive blood test and the result was HIV+ve, all I could say was...HOW ???. I instantly remember that the only time I have ever had sex in my little unimportant life was with this girl, when it hit me.


I have let down my parents, my friends, my fiance, and everyone who matters to me, I have failed myself as a Muslim by not being to follow a simple commandment of not commiting adultery and noone but myslef is responsible for the sorry state I find myself in, and I have decided that I will not take any medication, I'll just pray that I pass away from this world is the most Clandestine fashion so that no one is troubled by my presence or absence.


I beg everyone who reads this to take care of yourselves, maybe not for your sake, but for the sake of those who matter to you in life. Just one mistake, JUST ONCE and my life was over.

May the peace and blessings of the Almighty be with you.


Sent via Email July 15, 2008 from Abu Dhabi.


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