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Symptom shopping

In a drunken state I had sex with three women one night. I always wear condoms, but my intoxication was such that I could not remember. Anxiety set in. I then had a whole week of night sweats. Convinced that this was seroconversion illness, I went into a deep depression for three months as I waited, hour after hour, for the window period to elapse. I was CONVINCED and VERY depressed. I eventually tested negative on antibody tests at two different places, plus a PCR test! (I was anxious).


Anxiety can produce symptoms. While a long list of symptoms have been attributed to seroconversion illness, STOP NAVIGATING THE NET SYMPTOM SHOPPING!!! I did this for three WHOLE MONTHS... You can only judge your HIV status by the result of an HIV test.


I have not been drunk since. I enjoy my sex life with multiple partners. I NEVER EVER have unprotected sex, and I am aware and fully conscious when having sex. I sleep like a baby at night.


My extensive research yielded the following results: In relation to sexual contact, you can only get HIV though unprotected anal and vaginal sex, or, possibly, giving oral sex if you have a wound in your mouth. I choose to use condoms even for receptive oral. We can enjoy sex, lets just play safe and make sure we are fully conscious when doing so! LATEX condoms are SAFE unless they break or slip off. To avoid this use lube.

Stay safe, and keep happy.


Sent via Email July 23, 2008 from Australia.


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