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A love of god

Hello, all my many many friends


I would like to thank each and everyone of you that offered your stories and wrote of your fears of this deadly virus. I want to tell each and everyone of you that life is worth living. We come up against alot of trial and tribulations in our walk through life. However when you are at your weakest think of "Foot Prints in the Sand" or the book of Job.


God has carried me through a lot and everytime I think I have been dealt a bad hand in life, I get a sneak at someone else hand and think ok It is not so bad after all. I have lost three love ones to this awful virus and I have two girlfriends I know that is currently infected. I love them dearly however, I don't think that they are ready to disclose their status to me. I want to let them know that it is ok and I will be there for them through the good and bad but I will let them each chose their time to tell me.


I took care of my two of my love ones and I am so very glad I gave them love and peace during their illness for many had turned away. I did not care for the first one because selfishly I could not watch them die. However, my selfishness caused them to die alone.(uncle) I made myself a promise to God no one I knew would die alone and yet 10 years later my only brother died alone while I was busy caring for others. (his death was natural causes unexpected just happend in his sleep at age 37). I will mourn his death for the rest of my life because he was truly all I had here on earth who loved me unconditional.

I want each of you to reach out to me if every you need a friend or someone to talk you through your fears, to share your hopes, to hold your hand, to offer a shoulder. It does not matter where you may live or what race, gender, or what your sexuality may be I JUDGE NOT, I LOVE MANY!!!! I LOVE YOU AND SO DOES JESUS :


I love each of you and if any of you know of any places I can volunteer my services here in Birmingham, Alabama forward my email address to them. I am presently on the list for volunteer at the 1917 clinic, I have worked with Aids Alabama and is currently interested in starting an outreach on HIV /Aids going to different communities and churches to let people know the dangers that they can be facing if they do not go get tested. I am Hiv- (negative) and need some positive people to help me in my outreach so that we can save the next generation and this generation.


Sent via Email July 26, 2008 from Birmingham, US.


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