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One out of three

I`m HIV positive 25 yr old male from Botswana.I`m living with the virus for almost 5 months now and I feel changes in my life. I sometyms cry alone 2 think that I`m going 2 die of this deadly disease.

My ex gal friend(20) was a whore, I caught her many a tyms cheating me but bcoz of her beauty I forgave her about 3 tyms.She was all a man can dream of in a woman but she used her beauty as a weapon 2 me but I lost my status 4 that.


Now I`m positive.


B4 I meet her I was negative .I now accepted my status and hope scientist will find a cure for this AIDS. It is true that 1 out of 3 Batswana is positive. My advice 2 all who r also positive thru out the world is lets set our eyes on Jesus Christ. There is hope in him. Since I believed in Him I`m comforted and I know I`m going 2 be healed one day. He died on the cross for us, lets unit and pray earnestly 4 God 2 wipe out AIDS. I now go 2 church regulary and I believe He will never disapoint me in anything in my life. Lets all accept him in our lives.


Sent via Email August 7, 2008 from Botswana.


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