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Dad's best friend


This story's based on my dad's best friend he was 24 when my dad and him came from Mexico. they came to have the american dream. this guy liked doing a lot of sports and exercise just so that he could look good. he also liked clubbing and being with girls. after 3 years of this life he was tested HIV positive. they had him in the hospital but they let him out. when they let him, he got all crazy he would break windows and doors so they had to hospitalize him. they let him a couple of times more and he would do the same over and over again. they finally kept him in the hospital. he wouldn't like anyone visiting him he would be really upset and threaten to pass it on to them with a needle. i never got to meet him because of that. i was less than 1 year old when he past away in december 1993.


Sent via Email September 15, 2008 from NY, USA.


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