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HIV is for life

Let me just say one thing here. It makes no difference if you wait, if you are married or not married.

It makes me really angry when I see people state that somehow marriage makes you safer. It doesn't. I contracted HIV from my husband. I did wait. He worked overseas and contracted it there, and then brought it home to me. All I can say is that if you have sex, you are at risk unless you take precautions. The world has to wake up that HIV is out there and it can happen to any one of us. I never ever thought it would happen to me - and this is exactly the sort of thinking that got me here in the first place.


Be honest with your partner - and if you cannot be honest, then for god sake please be safe. HIV is for life. If you think you may be positive, then please PLEASE get tested - for the sake of yourself and for the sake of those you love...


Sent via Email September 25, 2008 from Australia.


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