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Second child

Hi my name is shydera i am 25 years old living in paris, a year a go when i was pregnant from my second child the doctor told me that i was hiv+ i feeled like my whole world was crashing to a wall. I had some crazy stuff running in my mind. The reason i still her is because i had a year old son. My doctor gave me a treament when a was about 5 months pregnant to a void the baby to get it as well he is now 6 months, tanks god is not sik . The problem is that i'm so lonely and that i' worry's a lot for my kids all i asking is to see my babies to grow big and sent them to college but it is really hard when your are single women with 2 kids to raise, put money to the side and face your all bills. On top of that not getting the love of a men by your side. But a have to be strong and do the best to raise my babies the best wait i can. Thanks for taking the time read my storie. Good bless every on of you and let's keep our head up's. Shydera one love!!!


Sent via Email October 1, 2008 from Paris.


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