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First test

Hey I'm 28 and took my first HIV test. I have family members with HIV and full blown aids I love them no matter what.


However I felt something tell me to get tested so I went a day before my 27th birthday. I was not scared at all I went in for my yearly check and I told the nurse to check my for everything . In my past I was the one gile that never put out easy. And I thought as long as I don't have sex I won't get HIV. I never worried about all the other STD's that are out there. I couldn't wait anymore I just started having sex with one person only then I just lost my mind and had many sexual partners . Not one time did I get a Std?! After I found out that a family member a person that I confided in about my many partners was positve I knew I was. So after two weeks of waiting and wondering. And just knowing I was HIV+ I was planning how I would tell my faimily if it where true?

But it was not I'm HIV - and I'm getting another test in a few weeks . I don't understand. I feel almost sad because I knew how I acted in my past and its not far for my family member to have it and I don't I know that's crazy. But now don't have sex at all untill I know that that person will go and get tested with me . Just be carefull people because you need to know your status.


Sent via Email November 16, 2008 from Kansas, USA.


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