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Turned life around


Hey yall my name is...Sasha, i would like to tell you a bit about myself.. You see when i was 14 years old i fell inlove with a boy who was 16 years old..i thought he was gonna be with me "forever"... Not knowing he was the biggest hoe ever! I later found out he was cheating on me a few times but i forgave a lot.. I was completely nieve and dumb thinkin i was in love..he was a good talker.. One day after we had sex something didn't feel right.. Sex wasn't the same.. I felt pain everytime and bled right after sex.. I thought i was pregnant for sure. So i went to the school clinic.. And took a pregnancy test. The nurse suggested i get checked out for stds.. So i did not thinkin much of it i was more worried about being pregnant then anything so about a week and a half while in class i got summons to the school clinc confused .. Met with the nurse and there he told me i had chlamdedia!.. I was confused didn't even know what it was.. Then he explained and it really didn't hit me so i told my boyfriend at the time and he said of course "it wasn't me" i don't have it".... I was so dumb and inlove i stayed still continued with unprotected sex with him few months later i got the same symptoms... I didn't want to believe it.. It was in the back of my mind that he infected me with something... So he did with chlyamedia again.. Until i said that's it!... I was still inlove tho... We lasted about 2 years... And went thru what i liked to call my "hoe faze".. 16 yo runnin around having unprotected sex with different men... Most men.


Walk in down the street a car pulls over to ask me for a ride good lookin man i met and was really into so me i jump in! (who later i found out was a pimp, literally) he said he was 23 years old ..he was more of a father figure protector which really made me fall for him ..he also a great talker.. For some reason he would always say if i needed some money he could get me into really makin some money and laugh it off hmm wonder why....anyway we immediately have sex he would always take me to hotels that were already rented out.. Over friends house never to his... People would always drop money off all kinds of girls i always thought about it but was so dumb to say anything ..anyway we always would have unprotected sex ... One day after leaving me in his car alone.. "to handle some bussiness" something told me to look in glove compartment and there it was a copy of his i'd...this 23 year old was really 32 yearsold!!!!! I was so scared and freaked out he had been lying about his age i thought what else!!! He did not even look that old though... But brushed it off and stayed as if nothing... I finally left him when we wére in his hotel room and began fooling around..after.. He wanted me to perform oral sex and i said no i didn't want to from there he went crazy and began shouting really hurtful things i just slapped him and cried.. He thru me on the bed thinking he was gonna beat me but left me there so i left for good..


A few months later i began talking to this guy on and off i adored him i believed he was an angel is what he proceived to be... We bagan a relationship i knew him for awhile a friend had introduced me way back... To buzy being a hoe tho.. Anyway, few months later we had sex for the first time, it was extremely painful something wasn't right... I went to the clinic and got checked out... Yup, it was and std..trich is what it was i was so upset it was the 32 yo wo infected me.. I was so scared to tell my current boyfreind, when i did he understood and got tested for everything together after that.. It felt good.. This man had me in the palm of his hand i loved him .. A year passed and we decided to move in together the next day i moved in i found out he had been cheating on me with another broad since wéve been togetther with no protection.. My heart broke into little pieces... I forgave him took him back and two months later i get pregnant have his baby.. I was happy and so was he... For some reason she was still in the picture.. It was drama he treated me so bad until two years i said enough is enough i am a beatiful young lady with so much to offer what the hell am i doing with this boy!.


Now being 22 years old i've learned a lot and completely turned my life around i now have a new way of thinking and put myself on a petastool or however you spell that... I look back on my actions back then aand think wow! God really gave me chance after chance and will never take it for granted... I am now happy just being by myself with my son.. The safest way is not having sex at all i've learned. I don't have to worry abouut any test results or anything... And please ladies and men always use protection no matter what and get tested together.. People lie and are ignorant about std's and this deadly virus... Don't ever put your life into someone elses hands.. Its your life, health,and future don't let anybody take that away from you... This site really taught me a lot readiing most stories ..for those of you with this virus keep your head up you can live as long as you want just be positive... And for those of you who don't why risk getting it when you don't have to? This virus is preventable.. Just stay safe..
Thank you for reading my story... Take care


Sent via Email November 8, 2008 from USA.

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