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Make it together

Well, i am 31yrs positive and hapatisis beautiful,married to a negative white british. We are a happy couple and since i was diagnised 10yrs ago, have been the happiest person. I travel and have given all my life to God.

I take my Kaletra and combrivir &retinovar for the hep. I look wonderful made and exercise though i eat anything i want. I dont drink alcohol or cigarretes.I am living a very and better life than my negative friends.Idont have any complications as i take my doses properly.

We enjoy sex but we protect with gloves or when he is going deeper we just use gloves, we kiss & if i have wounds i jus tell him. I met my hubby and we came to know my status after even having unprotected sex for 2yrs, still he did not catch it,lucky man. I have a good job and doing my doctrine in physcology.


Guys you can make it, get tested,dont spread it, treatment is available, dont be ignorant also trust God. We going to make it together.


Sent via Email October 3, 2008 from Zimbabwe.


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