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I am a 26 year old mother and I have been tested for HIV. It took two weeks for my test results to come back and the whole experience; the joy and the pain has compelled me to write my story.

I have had all of six sex partners and when I went to get my HIV test I was there to support my sister who is determined to know vs. not knowing. We went in the office with confidence; neither one of of us worried; neither one of us scared that we had this deadly disease. After talking with the counciller we began to feel terrified. She mentioned that most of the girls that come into her office that think that could not have this virus are the main ones whos test come back positive. I was starting to feel sick. "I could have it" I thought as she swabbed my mouth. I hid my feelings from my sister, although she did not hide her feelings from me. She openly cried as the counciller tried to comfort her. She was frightened and I was too.


After two long weeks of waiting impatiently, we got our results back. We both were HIV negative and I was so damn relieved. I know that I don't have AIDS and it is better to know and not know. DO YOU KNOW?


Sent via Email October 22, 2008 from Illinois, USA.


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