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Still going strong


I say this with all the pride in the world, i was born in 1984 with hiv in ma body, my baby sister died when she was a toddlar and i saw the pain she went through.


My daddy followed and it was me and my mum left to die. I am originally from Uganda, and i was young to understand what was going on but my mum let my other sisters and brothers and her relatives about my status, my mum knew i was dying any time,she was my rock but unfortunately in 1997 my super mum passed away, and left me in this world.

And was goin strong and my sisters thought i may be ok, and the only way to find out was through an hiv test. At 19 i was diogonised with hiv and i had to be put on arvs because my cd4 was low but on my way for deliverance i belive iam going to be healed because God has a pupose in my life, with strong soldiers on my side am going to fight this. one of my sisters is a strong woman in christ and she is teaching me how to have faith in the lord she has prayed with people and they have been healed, its my turn to be healed too. i want to testify next year that am healed. I am still goin strong.


Sent via Email October 9, 2008 from UK.


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