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hi one and all,
my name is Anitha i am 20 years old. My best friend Swetha was affected by hiv/aids. When i and swetha were 17 we all friends had a get together in one of our friends house. After enjoying the party we were returning to home by our vehicle we saw a person met with an accident. Swetha went near the anonymous person he had his right hand completly injured and very badly bleeding was also unconsious. When she took him to nearby hospital no docters were available, so she brought cotton from medical stores and was cleaning his wound.poor swetha, did not know that the person was HIV/POSITIVE and unfortunately her thumb was cut and slightly bleeding....after one year she had those symptoms of AIDS her mother suggested her to go to cheak up...after a couple of weeks the dr called her mother telling the bad news that swetha was HIV+. Her mother listening to that news was shocked and was struck by paralysis and bedridden.

Dear friends,please be care full in whatever step you take.poor Swetha without doing any thing she and her family was led to death.


Sent via Email October 9, 2008.


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