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My children need a father


hi im a 33 year old straight male. i become ill about a year ago, with what i thought was a chest infection, i hadnt been feeling great for a while though, i went to doctrs, got tablets as normal, i continued to get worse, untill i couldnt breath, and was gaspimg for breath, at which point i went to see the hospital, i remember walking in there gasping, i was seen pretty quickly as you can imagine, they looked at the rash all over me, said a few words,everything else is a blank, i woke up in intesive care 4 days later with a tube down my throatand wired up to a machine with tubes sticking out everywhere, i was scared, when they eventually found out i was hiv positive and had pcp i was even more afraid, my cd4 count was 7 and a viral load of 777,000 , i wasnt hopefull, i have 2 children ages 3 and 2 and what about my missus,obviosly they had to be tested,my kids are fine, they are negative, but my missus was possitive, with a cd4 of 750.that was a year ago, sep 21 2007, my cd4 is now 178, and viral is undetectable, its been a hard year as people will know, but i have fought with everything i have and refuse to be ill, i have a little wobble now and then, but then i pump my tyres up and get on with life, just one day at a time and make the most of it,sometimes its scary but my children need a father, and im gonna make sure they have one.


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Sent via Email October 5, 2008 from UK.

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