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Will get through

Hi, I'm 30 years old. My name is James and I am HIV-positive. I grew up in Wheaton, IL and in a good family enviorment. I was a happy child and had great childhood. After high school and two years of college, I met a wonderful and beautiful woman. She was perfect in everyway. We dated on and off and were the best of friends.


Then one day it all changed. She didnt call as often, seemed out of it, and isolating herself. Around that time I heard one of her close friends turned out to be bi-sexual and had AIDS. I was a wreck and confronted her about it. After a few minutes she told me it was true and that she had had unprotected sex with him. By then I felt my stomach drop, and felt like the weight of the world was upon my shoulders. I then asked her had she been tested. She told me yes and that the results were positive. I was in shock, and I cried for days.


My test results were positve and have been tested twice. Life moves on and have no choice but to learn to accept my diagnosis and learn to live again. It's very hard, and there are so many dark moments and reminders telling you, you have HIV. But I will get through just like everyone else will who visits this site.


Best wishes to all. James


Sent via Email September 29, 2008 from Illinois, USA.


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