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Taking the first step


I want to start by saying that I have had my share of being a screw up. When i was younger, I used to get drunk all the time and sleep with all sorts of women. I felt like I had nothing to lose. Some of them were more then questionable and most of the time it was unprotected. I didn't really give it any thought or hold myself responsible for my actions at the time. Recently as I entered college I began to clean up my life and try to grow up. I got with a really nice girl who i am in love with, and realized that I never have done an HIV test. That's when the panic set in. What if all my past mistakes were going to come back in bite me in the ass? And even worse, what if I gave it to my girlfriend.


That was the worst part about it. I thought I had it for sure, and even had some of the symptoms. I was scared to go get tested at first, but knew it was my responsibility to know. Waiting for the test results drove me insane...that week seemed like a month! But as it turns out, the results came back HIV negative! I cant even tell you how relieving it was to know! If you are out there and scared to get tested, it is better to KNOW than to live your life in FEAR! GET TESTED!


Sent via Email September 26, 2008 from Texas, USA.

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