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My cousin

I think my cousin is HIV positive. I walked into a room and she was wrapped in a sheet with a guy whose partner died from AIDS. The other day my sister saw her and said "she looks terrible". She is skinny (very) and has this sort of lump on her forehead. Her hair is extremely straight and she does both heroin and smokes crack. She is not an intravenous drug user...she snorts...as far as I know. I am sort of afraid to look at her because I know for a fact that two of her sexual partners have lost battles with AIDS. She continues to say it was "cancer". I don't argue with her as she is right Cancer is just as debilitating as HIV. How can we force her to get a diagnosis and treatment...WE, the family that is? She is 34 years old. I told my sister that we can't force her to do anything as she is an adult. Both her Mother and sister have passed on. I might mention that her boyfriend (age near 70!) admits being POSITIVE. They were living together until he was locked up just recently. I know she was sexually active with him until a month ago. I am so afraid for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sent via Email July 3, 2008 from Baltimore, USA.

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