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There is hope

Hi, am a 28 year old lady who is affected by HIV/AIDS. Here is my story . My dad passed on in 1994, i did not know the cause except that there was a rumour doing rounds that he HAD AIDS.


I am the third born in a family of four, i have 3 brothers. Life went on well, my mum insisted on our education and she has put us all through uni and we are employed. She has been fine until April this year when she got Pheumonia she went to hospital a friend and we thought that is it. Then at around July i noticed that she was talking some meds. and i went on the net and found they are ARVS. I cried myself to sleep, then the next day i took the day off, went home and told her about my research. She was so happy that i had found out since only her closest friends knew about it (Stigma is still high here). She told us that she has been positive since 1994 and only need the meds as from April this year. She has always attended a support group and has never been hospitalized all these year.


Am grateful to God for preserving my mum, that she been healthy and i expect her to live to see my children graduate uni. I just want to tell those without hope to remember that testing positive is not death and you can live a long healthy life. My mum turns 56 this January and we are planning a big thanksgiving party, to thank God for his blessings. God bless you all. Never lose hope.


Sent via Email December 2, 2008 from Kenya.

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