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Some medical facts

I have been reading a lot of the past post messages about HIV. I would like to take the time to tell everyone what HIV really is the stats about hiv and the probability of someone having or catching HIV. I am a family medicine physician working in a private practice in the United States, i am originally native from Allepo Syria.


HIV is a immune system viral infection/ disease also know as human immune defficiency virus , not to be confused with Aids which is a longer deeper process that comes after the onset of HIV. HIV is virus such as a common cold virus or resipiratory viral infection. The source of which people become scared to get hiv is a very true topic. Hiv can be spread at its own terms. Always use protection in any cases of possible exposure.


Many people that believe that they may be HIV positive more then likely are not but if ever the worryness or need arives get checked anyways. A persons brain will munipulate by causing perinormal reactions once some one reads something then they believe they got the illness. I say do not overeact onto something untill proven other wise.

M. Ahmed MD


Sent via Email March 30, 2008 from USA.

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