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My mother and father

Hi I just wanted to say how great this website is and how horrible HIV/AIDS is.


My mother died from an AIDS related disease in 1994, About 14 years ago on Dec 15. It breaks my heart everytime I see someone who is so ignorant about the disease. This is a serious epidemic and some people could seem to care less because in their eyes it doesn't affect them, only "people in Africa" or "druggies" and "homosexuals". The truth is: it can happen to anyone. Unfortunaltly, my mother used to be a drug user and slept around with many men. When she met my father in 87', she was already infected wit it, but was unaware of it. She had quit her drug use and promiscuity, but she was already infected by it. My father and her wed in 89' and I was born a year later.


In 92' she became very sick and the doctors tested her with every test availble to find out what was wrong. One test came back, HIV positive. My father and I (only 2 years old at the time) got tested and my test came out HIV negative but my father's was positive. Unaware of the new disease, the doctors treated patients as guinea pigs trying out new drugs on them that may "help with the disease" but have worse side effects that make living with HIV even more harder, like side effects of cancer. My mother took these drugs and ended up dying of cancer two years later. My father chose not to take the drugs and took care of his health and to this day is still healthy and living well, this includes no smoking and basically no drinking even though he has in the past but is now vegan and alcohol free. He actually met Gary Null who is an alternative and natural healing advocate. Here is an article that you might like to read in which he talks about the lies of AIDS and HIV and how big of a problem it is.


Everytime I think of my mother and my father I try to hold back tears. They didn't ask for this. No one does. It can affect anyone and everyone if no one stands up against the government and all the ignorant people and awares them of the affects of this on the human race. The world needs to come to a hault until we find a cure, not only for HIV, but also for AIDS. It's so horrible how the world is so selfish about themselves and can't even donate a dollar to and AIDS foundation, or really ignorant people who say that "my mother deserved it because of her past and her decisions and that God dawned this upon her and my father" SUCH IGNORANCE! makes me so mad.


Well I hope everyone who have HIV/AIDS stays positive because HIV is not a death sentence. My father has been living with it for over 20 years and is perfectly healthy. I love him and my mother with all my heart and I wish this disease had never happened...


Sent via Email December 11, 2008 from New Jersey, USA.


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