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Hi..I am a 16 year old boy from the bronx. in the beginning of june i made the mistake of having unpretected sex with a girl from around the way. I knew she had been around alot but at that moment i went blank and made one of the worst decisions of my life. I spent my whole summer vacation searching to get tested for STDs including HIV. The first week was one of the most scared i ever been in my life. After going to different std centers trying to get tested for stds, i found one and my results was negative. The fear i had to over come...and the wait off my back when i got my negative results was felt outstandily good. I was able to make a mistake learn from it and never make that mistake again. Besides std pregnacy was another concern. I now try to recommend safe sex because that condom or decision to not have sex can be one of the best chocies you can ever make.


Sent via Email December 5, 2008 from USA.

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