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It's worth it

6 months ago I went to Prauge on a stag party. Before this I had never slept with a women of the night. On the first night of the stag I got lost and ended up on my own. Fueled on drink and hormones I picked a lady up and took her back to my hotel. We had sex several times protected but on one occassion the condom burst. I pulled out almost straight away. I also gave her oral sex. I though nothing more of it and returned home. 5 weeks later I became very ill with a sore throat, fever and nearly every other symptom. By this stage I was sure I was HIV +. It took 6 months of worry and sleepless nights before I got the courage to get tested. A few days ago I came back Neg.


I guess what I want to say is the worry of being postive is worse than knowing. You must go and get tested that is the only way to know for sure. Believe me I was 100% sure I was postive. It all fitted with the internet symptoms. Now I can stop worrying and get on with my life. Trust me you will not regret getting tested. Go get tested it's worth it. I know.....

Good luck


Sent via Email September 28, 2008 from London.


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