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hey , my name is charly . i'm 31 years old from Lebanon.

Well, to start i think that i'm from the most people on the planet who fear from aids. i was take maximum protection and always do blood tests and even try to avoid sex realtion if i dought the girl even i'l be protected.but what happened was that i slept witha girl. She was a stipper and the condom collapsed or " cut".whatever, so i was terrified but i told my self this girl can;t have any disease cos she was new in lebanon and immigration officers to issue residence ,they have to do full tests for these girls( strippers).blood tests for hiv, siphilis, hepitites.........


What happened after was terryfiing: i had a very very bad flu after 2 weeks from the relation for the 1rst time in my life i 'm seeing this flu.i was terryfing and i said that this is the greatest disease has infected me : AIDS.I was terryfing to death. for whom i'm gonna say? i became lunitique.and to become more paranoique i had also a bad bad diarea,so i spoked with my friend and he is a doctor licenced in disease.he told me go and test to be sure .but i'm still terryfied.i swear to god that i almost evryday day was dreaming of :aids:.i dreamed that i was in a lab and my close friend was with me and brought the result and was positive,and i have done a specified test after 52 days but i was talking to the doctor in Dubai and dieing from the fera ,he told me come afternoon to collect the result,what should i do?i went with my brother to see a mall in dubai but my brain was in another place,i was like lunitique, no feelings,nothing.

We called the doctor afternoon ,he told us that maybe the result will stay till tomorrow,in this moment i felt like it's the end.i spoked to the doctor after 10 min , he told me that this test is specified and gives 99,99% after 6 weeks.so i have done my test after 7 weeks which is enough to detect anything in the test.

6:00 pm my brother went to the hospital,and i stayed at home without feelings. At 6.43 sharp my mobile was ringing and i told myself this is the end of my life.

i gave the mobile for my mum to answer and my brother told her that the result is " negative".
i couldn't beleive and i spoked to the doctor on the phone, he told me ,you are negative and go and get married.

Thanks god and my family for supporyting me but please for all use condom cos you never know if you partner has any inbfection,thanks for everybody and god bless you all.


Sent via Email December 19, 2008 from Lebanon.


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