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One chance

i can completely understand what many of the writers on this website are feeling, and are personally going through....I am a 21 yr.old female, and I never had given any thought to me having HIV/AIDS..the fact of the matter is that i thought like most people...you have to have sex with a lot of people and other foolish non-sense like that...and since i had only been with 3 people my whole entire life...i was on the safe side...or so i thought...it was not until my last boyfriend # 3....number 3 decided that having one girl was not enough so he had to two or more...(i never really found how many) but i knew he had sex with them and didnt use protection..because he had unprotected sex with me...i immediately broke it off with him...like i said before HIV/AIDS was never a major issue..that was until my mom told me that i should get one just to be on the safe side...from the moment that my mom told me until this afternoon....i was freaking out...these worst possible tho
ughts came through my head..i was even believing that i had it already with out knowing...the part that killed me the most was that HIV/AIDS does not have any real symptoms that you can tell right away what it is...i was thinking how would i live with HIV/AIDS...would i have number 3 assinated for giving me something when i was completely faithful to him...would i live to see my collee gradutation, my little brothers gradutation, was i dead woman walking....i couldnt sleep, i barely ate, i was nervous, anixous, at work i was out of the loop, unfocused,i was physically there but mentality gone, i was stressing out big time..


FINALLY!!! WEDNESDAY JANUARY 28, 2009... its the day im getting my STD and HIV/AIDS test done at the new york health department... the health department advise that we eat before we go and take the test...i couldnt i felt as though if i ate i would throw it all up...they go through the first three procedures...they draw my blood and tell me to wait for 20 mins in the waiting area that...this is where my anxiety level goes through the roof...everytime the intake counselors call a number (we were called by numbers to keep our privacy ) i jump out of my sit...until finally they call me and i go into a little room with a women...and she says im going to give your HIV results...at this point i have a huge lump in my throat when she say it so non chalantly.. "you're results came back negative..you're not infected."i wanted to jump up and down with joy but before i could she tells me..that i have to call back in a week to find out about the other STD's you were tested for...oh and
one thing we test the vile of extra blood that we took so just to make sure you dont have HIV/AIDS..if anything we'll call you...oh wow..back to the worrying part...

So in a week i have to call...im trying not to work my self up to much as i did before...you only have one chance at this thing we call life...protect yourself...get yourself and your partner tested...be sure that you both are healthy...HIV/AIDS its not to be taken lightly like i did...it no joke...

thank you for reading...


Sent via Email January 29, 2008 from Kenya.


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