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Stay safe, play safe

this is my story, i am a 26 years old woman with two adorable kids and i have hiv.
i recently got married jan 2006 and give birth to my first daughter in sept same yr i had a blood trafussion during birth after then abt a yr and half i was pregant with my secound daughter and tht was when it was discovered i had the virus.


my self and my huband stil lived together and he was supportive but after a while when him and the kids had,had their test done all negative, he became a totally different person physically abusive i had no one, he was my everything he did this for almost half of the time i was pregant until he finally pack his things and just left when our daughter 6weeks old.


i thought we be together for ever.my kids re all i have got now thy are the reason i wake up every morning the reason why i live i ve promised to there for them, and i will be.


stay safe, play safe.


Sent via Email March 30, 2008 from Nigeria.


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