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Heart, body and soul

I am contacting you because I am 28 years old and I am HIV positive myself I found out March 8, 2005.


I felt like no one loved me any more because I had this disease that everyone knew of as the dirty/nasty disease.
I really feel sorry for you cause everyone deserves to be love no matter what they got we are all gods children. I know that they world can be full of stupid people but okeep your head up high and keep on going. You have a long life to live and you are blessed in alot of ways god has a plan for you. I will keep you in my everyday prayers cause you deserve to have every bit of love, support, trust ,hugs and kisses everyday. I will answer your questions for you: Yes I will let you hug my child, No I will not be afraid to hug you. It feels real good to be held tightly, close and loved I hope one day that you will finally be able to feel that kind of love too. It feels like no other kind of feeling in the world I hope that you have the chance to share your love with other kids or maybe your own.

I just hope that all of your hopes and dreams come true and if your family is that way toward you then they will have to answer for that. I will be so glad to be a part of your life to talk to you so if you can e-mail me so we can keep in contact with each other. I am sending you this with all of my heart, body,soul and my mind with alot of love to go with it (GOD LOVES YOU AND SO DO I).


Sent via Email April 10, 2008 from NC, USA.


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