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Face it

hey to all them people out there, im mac (23) from johannesburg SA


im gona cut things short, HIV is out there and that a reality we cant change and unfortunately need to face it.
i was involved with this one girl (22)who we crazely had sex on a regular basis. she was and still is beatifull, turned heads everywhere we went,. the thing is everytime we had sex id cum to a certain period were i wudnt oragasm, so the only route i thought was the way, was to take the condom off and have unprotected sex.

this happened for a month or so until i suggested that we go have a hiv test, she had no problem with this and a week later we held hands and went to our local clinic.


we both got tested and she came out positive.. i was shocked in fear, thought my eye balls would fall out as soon as i saw those results, mine came out negative, but still i wasnt relieved as i was still n my window period.

my blood was thereafter taken to the laboratory for verification. i had to wait for a whole week, this affected my job. personal life and i just wasnt myself. a week later my results cam out negative and i was asked to come back after three months

threeee months of hell that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

ok, three months passed this week and fortunately im not a victim of this terrible virsus, wana thank the lord for protecting me....


point is. guys dont trust anyone, use a condom each time as its very important to practice safe sex. HIV is out there and it wants YOU.



Sent via Email April 16, 2008 from Johannesburg, South Africa.

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