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The right decisions


I am hiv poz. I found out about a year and a half ago.... I have not told my family, only my caseworker knows. I don't sleep around or anything. The medications i am on are over $3,000.00 a month without insurance. Thank goodness for my caseworker and assistance or i would be dead.


I am so stressed over my job and everything , and not being able to tell my family. Half of them do not even know i am gay, so i can imagine the responce. Just a lil advice to everyone that is poz, dont give up . Dont do anythign stupid to end your life, i have thought about it so much, I have thought about it more than living at times. But then i woke up and started the day over again.


I aquired this freakin disease from my ex............thinking we were going to get back together again the "one" night of making up left me poz for the rest of my life. I know that i can only trust one person in my life and that is me...............I am the only one that can make the right decisions in my life an no one else.


Sent via Email April 20, 2008 from Ohio, USA.

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