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Thank You God

I am a lady aged 31 years of age. I am not proud of my past, I have been in several sexual relations from the time i was 21 year of age. I had partners who were promiscuious whom i suspected of having HIV Aids. Every little sore, headache, flu that i got i was so afraid that i am going to die from the virus.


I eventually met a man who is years older than me, he was careful about using protecton at all time but one day it just happened. The next day he insisted that i go for testing but knowing my past i was so scared i didnt want to go but i loved him so much n he eventually dumped me cos i just couldn't do it. But it ate at me nite and day. One day out of the blue he approached me and told me to get tested so as to put his and my misery to end. I told i would do it if he came with me, we went together and waiting that twenty minutes of my life was the hardest thing i had to endure. they called us in for the results and told us it was negative i can't tell you the relief that i felt.


But i would like to thank God for giving me the strength to go through with this without him i sure those results would have been different. To all the negative people stay clean and faithful and all the positive people please be strong God always has an answer.

Thank you God.


Sent via Email April 21, 2008 from Zimbabwe.


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