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Worrying event

Hi, my name is Daniel, im 17 and currently at university studying to be a health proffesional. Before i was enrolled at university there was the graduation for finishing grade 12. Everyone was happy that they made it and was relieved. As you may not know, in Australia every year there is a celebration where all students who have graduated gather for a week of partying. This was called schoolies.


I had dreamed my entire middle school life that one day i could experience this. But more to the point. One night i was very, very drunk and my mates asked me to come down to the beach party. As i stumbled around to find my flip flops, my mates yelled come on you dont need them, its a beach, theres sand. Still slowly searching i said watever. So we reached the beach and everyone was dancing and having a great time. And at that moment a really awesome came on, so my mates started to sprint towards the crowd. Heavily intoxicated, i did the same. As i ran i stepped on something extremely sharp. Must of been a glass bottle or something. It was dark so i couldnt see the ground. I quickly rushed to a red cross tent in search of medical aid. They fixed me up with a band-aid and gave me a pat on the back. And at that moment i wondered.....could there have been something on the ground.....HIV?


Several days later i came down with a cold or flu which lasted about 4 weeks...literally. I freaked out....these could be the symptoms. Also had a couple of swollen lymph nodes under my armpits too. Whoever is reading this, let me assure you that this has been the most worrying event in my life. The fact that there was the question of....what if i do have it? What am i gonna do? Everyday since the incidence i have struggled at living life. I couldnt sleep. I couldnt socialize properly. I failed almost all of my exams. Life was not life. Today is April 27th 2009 where i have just recieved the news that i am HIV negative. For six months i had live in anxiousness.

For six months i experienced the opposite of life. I would never wish for anyone to experience what i have. Not even my worse enemy. There is a lesson i have learnt. Dont be affraid to get tested (its the only way youll ever know). Be respnosible and Live life to fullest. Cause there is only one life and your living it right now....god bless!


Sent via Email April 27, 2008 from Australia.


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