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Earthquakes, tornados, fires, robberys, anything one has not experinced may think it could never happen to him/her. Unprotected sex with consequences is certainly another. People often feel, "It would never happen to me, i could never get HIV. There forfore, i will have unprotected sex." That was my life the whole time i was sexually active. I am a 28 year old heterosexual male that has slepted with ALOT of women. I had some instances when a condom was not used. I had those thoughts that since i dont have sex with men, i am not at risk.


2.5 years ago i had unprotected sexual intercourse with a female. My friends told me afterward that she's had alot of partners including a herion addict! I was totally freaked out. My friend told me to go get tested. From 2006 till this year i was too scared to get tested. Each day i would think about it and i would get depressed. I just assumed i am HIV positive and was too scared to be told that by a Doctor. I would often wonder how much longer do i have to live. I would see couples around my age and i would feel so down, because i assumed since i have hiv, no girl would want a releaionship with me.


Then... later on in 2006 i was able to forget about what had happend and move on.


Sent via Email May 11, 2008 from USA.


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