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Not smart


I'm a 29 y/o married man with a kid.
My life has not always been a model of integrity.
Some people talk about me as a smart and cute man. I may be cute but for the major part of my life I've not been smart at all.
Sex was the only thing i lived for. I started to cheat on my wife two months after we tied the knot and I was behaving stupid.
She then got pregnant and gave birth to a lovely baby boy. I then started to feel guilty.. what if I was HIV+ and I gave it to her and then to the kid?
That thought has been killing me for months until the day I decided to go to testing.
It was scary. I lived what I called a miracle, I was negative.
From that day i decided not to bet my life anymore and the reason i'm posting here is to tell all married man that when your are dealing with unprotected sex with a lot of partners other than your spouse or husband, you are not playing with your own life.
I think God was with me and I was lucky. I don't deserve being negative but i am.
Please folks keep the promise and realize that you wont be as lucky as i have been.
God bless y'all.


Sent via Email May 12, 2008 from Africa.


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