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I just wanted to show my gratitude to this website. This website is what gave me the strength and courage to take the test and become a responsible adult.

Like everyone, I had that fear of the disease with my first unprotected sex with an ex girlfriend. First few months my worry was about pregnancy and it did not even cross me about diseases...

The next few months progressed. I started to worry progresively and lost my sanity. It was so bad that the fear and anxiety of having hiv kept going back and forth like a broken record. Action had to be taken. I took the test and waited for 8 days. I did not like those days... i felt like shit.... constantly worried like crazy.

On the 9th day the results were given...

All STI results including HIV were NEGATIVE! NON REACTIVE!!

i got my life back... i got my sanity back.

To those who are suffering from the thoughts of anxiety, i highly recomend you get tested. Why? Because if you are negative, you have just wasted months maybe years of your life on something non existant and possibly still will if action is not taken. If positive, The sooner you know the better. You can take medication and it will help so much!

Remember these 3 things.

1) God is always there for you

2) Always play it smart and safe

3) If you want to have unprotected sex, Think of your loved ones... Family and friends. Is it really worth it to go thru that anxiety and waste your life on something that is to be treasured with your true love?

To whoever made this website, thank you so much. I am a notch higher stepping out of boyhood and turning into a mature man. Thank you :)


Sent via Email June 12, 2009 from Canada.


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