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Trust no one

Hi everyone, I an 21 years old. Had sex for the first time when I was 20 years. I was always scared of having sex coz i always fear getting pregnant AND worse, getting an STD or HIV!

So hear goes...It all started soon after my 20th birthday I was anxious to have sex because i really wanted to know what it was like. I was talking to a guy for like 3 months before we finally had sex (only twice). It was not planned and it happend really after we were done playing truth and dear with a whole bunch of people and a whole lot of drinking I went back to his room and had sex(We were in collge).

A month later I broke up with him and went back to my ex boyfriend whom I never had sex with. Immediately we started having unprotected sex for just a week (we live in two different states and it was a long distance relationship). I trusted him and never in a million years I thought that I would ever get a STD, I have been way too carefel all these years. 3 months later I noticed some fine red non-itchy bumps all over my entire legs! It was very frightening! I didnt think anyting of it and showed my friends. They thought it was chicken pox but really it wasn't. I didnt know what it was. I then told my boyfriend about it and he joked about it being symptoms of HIV...I then insisted he got tested because I was too busy with college courses and exams. Anything I had then i would have. Eventually the red bumps went away after about 3 weeks. 7 mths later I started to have painful itchy irrating sex and that's when I went to my school doctor.

Turned out I had yeast infection, bacteria vaginosis (not really an STI), and chlamydia, and herpes. They urged me on to get a HIV test but i was so scared and embarrassed. I was so hurt and confused because I trusted my boyfriend. I only had sex for the 3rd time in my entire life with only 2 guys for less than 2 months and already i got all these stuff. He did tell me he was clean before we had sex and that he got tested!

After I confronted him about all the stuff I had, he finally admitted that he did'nt get tested coz he did'nt want to know if he had anything. I hated him so much at the time and i wanted to kill his ass! UGGHH!. I trust him waay to much talking about how I love him!...hurts me write now I'm writing about it! Love doesn't and WILL NOT safe your life! I used to think that all these disaeses and STI would skip me since i was such a good person but it doesnt work that. Anyone get stuff.

Eventually I got tested for HIV...came back negative the first time but I still have to do another one in the next 3 months to confirm. Now...we see we can trust no one!



Sent via Email July 13, 2009 from New York, USA.


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