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Start caring

My story starts off crazy. I was in a club one night and I met this girl. We dance a little then exchanged numbers. I left the club and called her as soon as I got home. Since she lived right around the corner she told me to come over. When I got there she was just getting out of the shower. One thing led to another and we started having sex I had a condom on but when she started giving me oral it broke. So Im going home I'm thinking about all the possibilities there were to think about.

As days passed I started to have a funny feeling down below so I went to the doctor and took the hiv/std test. Everything came back fine. But I though about it you have to wait three months for Hiv. So I went back in exactl 3 months and everything still wa good. just to be on the safe side I went back five months later and everything was good.

I share my story to say everyone is not as lucky as me, We need to start caring more about ourselves and family. Hiv as no name and anyone can get it

please be smart and rap it up or dont have it at all.


Sent via Email July 17, 2009 from USA.


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