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hello, my Name is Alexandra and i am a 15 year old girl. I am writing because i thing these stories are all wonderful, and im glad you guys are sharing it with us. Well i have a story to share with you guys as well.

I have a cousin his name is Chino, and he is hiv positive. Chino is a 34 year old male and he contracted the disease in Texas. Chino was on a business trip and met this pretty young lady, she was a 25 year old female, she was very wild, but was fun to be with. he started to like her and she liked him as well. her name was frendia, frendia asked Chino one night to have sex with her, and chino being a dummy agreed to. he felt like it was safe since he knew her for quite awhile now. So, they have sex and after they have sex she leaves. then the next day she calls him and says- ''you're dying, i gave you hiv". and he bursts out in tears because he really liked this chick and how could she have done this to him.

Chino now has 7 years with the disease and has 2 kids with his beautiful wife.

I think its really cruel for people to infect others just because they have it, and don't want to die alone... =(.. but sadly people, not everyone cares whether you live or die. PLEASE, PLEASE, PROTECT YOURSELVES, IF WE ALL DO SOON WE CAN END THIS EPIDEMIC!!!


Sent via Email October 20, 2009 from New York.


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