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My name is Jose, 41 years of age and live in Luanda, Angola, I came to know that I was HIV positive in 2000. I think that I had contracted the disease some years before that because I had been very careless in my life. When finnished my high secondary, I was one of few young in Angola who had not been sent to the battle field because of my education and extensive comand of english. Given this I had a reasonable standard of life. Beer and friends made me run crazy and each month I had a different a girlfriend. I had my first wife in 1993 and 1995 we had our first child.

In 1996 we separated and she went to stay in another place leaving the child with me.Two years later I was informed that she died, In 1998 my son my son became very sick. He had a prolonged cough, I took him to many different special and best clinics in Luanda but was not able to get cured. So one day one the Doctors suggested that we take an HIV test, the test was positive. I started relating this to the death of my ex wife. In 2000, I fell very and went to South Africa for treatment. I went to a Portuguese clinic in South Africa. They asked me to do an HIV test, I did the test with a conviction that the test was definitely going to positive given the history of the death of my ex wife and the status of my son. They did the test test and I really was shocked and I felt that the test had just increased my seriousness, first because the way the Doctor gave the message was very unprofessional. The Doctor started by telling me that my friend you have HIV and soon you will die. From that moment I so that the behavior of the Doctor changed, He was like trying to avoid me. Since I was not very serious, I decided to cancel consultations and returned back to Angola earlier than the date I had wanted to return. The Doctor gave me antiretrovirals for me to start taking but when I returned back, I never took even one. When I returned I did conslutations with local clinics and became well again for some years.


In 2000, I became sick (not very serious) and the Doctor again asked for an HIV test. I told the that I had already done the test and I knew my status but the Doctor insisted that I should take another one. I took the test and it was again positive. The Doctor gave some Antiretros, he said that I should take them because my CD count was very low. I then started taking, each day I was taking I was becoming very sick. The more I took, the more I was becoming very sick. Before taking the drugs, my weight was around 75Kgs and in a month and half I was 48kgs. Given this, I decided to suspend the drugs. I went to one lady who was selling some herbs. She gave me some herbs to drink and some put in basin and sit in for 30 minutes twice a day. After two weeks of taking these herbs, my health was improving. After two months was already recovering my weight back.


From that time to date October 2009, I have never had any serious case, sometimes when I feel like some strange effects in my body, I go back to the woman to collect some herbs. I am not discouraging those who are taking antiretros, but just telling a story, those taking should continue (each case is a different case). I am okay, I am a bussiness man and doing very fine, My son is now 14 years and is very health. When he was tested HIV positive he was only 3 years and I have never told him that he is HIV positive. I do fear telling him. I have a nice home and we live only two of us with a maid who takes care of us. I have a girl friend who is HIV negative and she knows my status. We have discussed that there is no commitment for marriege and we only meet once in a month and do sex safely.


Sent via Email October 17, 2009 from Angola.


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