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I was going to get married

i was 22 years old when i was going to get married have a child for the man i loved and live happy ever after yea right when i did my blood work and it came back the doc called me and ask for my soon to be husbun i told him i was alone but tell me what he have to tell me i will never for get the look on his face. i asked him is it the baby he said no your test came back and you have the hiv virus in your blood. You may not beleave this, but i said ok that is what they say but god have the last say.


He said that i am dealing with this well. I had to, i was not about to lost my child for anything. We then call my boyfriend and told him. We got a 2nd test same thing and then the wast happen he took the test and was not. He didn't have the virus but i did he blame me i did not cheat on him. I have been with 5 other men be for him, i only had unprotected sex with 3 of the 5 men. i told him that i only had sex with to men be for him, so i lied. Does this mean that i must pay for that lie i frist had sex at the age of 20?


He then began to see someone else but never told me wile we were together, i found out from people i even followed him a night i saw for my self.


i did everything the doc.asked of me to make sure that my child didn't born with it he was born at 8 1/2 months at 8.2lb thank god he didn't born with the hiv virus. When he was 1month and a week old i set his father free i didn't want to be the one to say its over so i did he stayed with the girl the had a child right after he asked back for the ring the child was born 5 days be for my son birthday.


so they are a year apart he put me true hell because he blamed me and that is only peace of what i face. That is not even the whole story, may be one day i could could be able to tell some one the whole story. Not even my mother or family knows just me the doc. My child father, god and now you i know.


I can be healed, i just know it i just need to know that there are real beleaver, not people who says yes he can do all things and behind your back there saying [man she has aids for real yes girl] or the look on there face.


thank you!


Sent via Email October 3, 2009 from Tranidad & Tobago.


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