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Tell your children

Here's my story. I am 19 now, both my parents are both positive, it all started in 2007 when my mom spread some medince to kill mosquites. Thinkin ma father had only a cough but as the weeks went by he became very ill we all thought this is the end until mom called me and told me "we r going a test". I didnt say anything, when they left i went to ma room and cried saying this is meant to happen to me, not me i am too prety and i said to myself i am too special.

When they got the results they didnt tell me they knew i would break down, up to now days, months and have past it hasnt come out their mouths to tell me they are postive.

After the results, i become noise to find out what was the out come cause my father starts taking the medicine, i am thinkin to myself wen is he going to finish this medicine, two months past.

Then i go to his room and check up the medicne, then is written in black and white, THIS MEDINCE IS TAKEN BY AN HIV/AIDS PERSON. And i cry to myself.

i have lived with secret to myself, i havent told my siblings not even my bestfriend non my boyfriend. i dnt know bt i think parents shold tell thier children wats happening.


Sent via Email September 28, 2009 from Zambia.


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