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It's amazing how stress can influence your physical health. I was so stressed out a month before graduating college that I actually broke out in monstrous hives all over my body. I'm very familiar with stress and it's effects.

Three months ago I had a sexual encounter that I have regretted ever since. From the day after the encounter to the day that I write this account I have worried myself into the most stressful state I have ever been in in my life. As soon as I jumped on the world wide web and began educating myself on STDs my situation has been one symptom after another. It took about a month to convince myself that I was inflicted with HIV. I searched desperately for another person's experience with HIV symptoms. I wanted someone to provide me with a rundown of there symptoms in great detail, and then reveal that they later tested HIV negative.


This website that I am now contributing to gave me a few stories that were close to what I wanted to see. A few people explained that they had every symptom of HIV, but continuously tested negative. I appreciate their stories, but I want to go into further detail for those that are looking for more information.

The first day after having unprotected sex, penis to vagina, (condoms were involved, but used improperly) I began worrying about STDs. The first week involved an upset stomach and diarrhea. Two weeks later I had an extreme sore throat. (I was really worried because I hadn't been sick with anything forever.) I didn't see any signs of protruding lymph-nodes, but honestly I didn't know what swollen lymph-nodes looked like. A few days later I developed a minor fever with a slight headache and a red rash on my chest the size of a quarter. The fever, headache, and rash disappeared after about 4 days. The extreme sore throat left a minor irritation in my throat that has lasted for almost 3 months. Six weeks from the sexual encounter I was lying on my couch and I began feeling pain in my calves. The pain felt like small electric shocks to the muscles. I immediately began freaking out. The muscle pain also developed in my forearms. Then the joints in my fingers and wrists became affected. I have had dull pains in my biceps, hamstrings, elbows, knees, and shins, as well. A week ago I began experiencing dull pain throughout my stomach. The pain shoots from one side to the other then disappears. I feel hungry, but too nauseated to really eat.

All of these physical ailments have brought about an insurmountable depression and fatigue. For three months I have put everything aside to do nothing -- just wait for test results. I tested negative for HIV and Hepatitis B and C today. What a relief. I know that I'm not fully out of rough waters just yet, but the odds are now on my side. We'll know for sure in 3 more months, but I can't beat myself up about it anymore.

The one piece of information that I have taken from all my research on the web is that all of these symptoms don't mean anything. Stress alone can cause most if not all of the symptoms I have stated above. When it comes down to it a blood test provides the only answer.

I pray for all of those going through and who have gone through a similar situation.


Sent via Email September 12, 2009 from California, USA.


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