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We are not alone

My name is Musa a female from South Africa. Thank you for this site because it tells you, you are not alone. I tested positive on Valentine's day in 2005 i was only 23.

I was in denial and did'nt take this seriously. I was not taking care of myself and ended up in hospital. That is when HIV started to bother me. I told myself I would never tell anyone about my status unles they are well educated about this pandemic.


The past four years have been the hppiest of my life. My CD4 count is still high and I m leading a positive and healthy lifestyle. I am not on any medication and its all thanks to the Lord Almighty for keeping me from opportunistic diseases.


Not long ago I met a man of the same status we love each other and we are planning to get married. My son is six and going to school next year, i just cant wait for hs first day at primary school, followed by high school then unoversity. I am so positive that I now see myself still around in the next 20 years. My advise is that come out if you see a need but please only tell people who have more info on the disease and who understand that you wont die tomorrow.


Sent via Email August 21, 2009 from South Africa.


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