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Camp Kindle

hi im ally i am from 'Camp Kindle' and this is my speak out speech well some of it if you have any questions i linked the websites thanks! www.projectkindle.org/

HIV/AIDS first came into my life when my mom told me she has HIV when I was 9 years old. I cried harder than I have ever cried before. Just thinking that I really am different. At times I felt weird and confused. I told no one. No one on my block, school, not even my best friend for ever Kellie. Sometimes I wonder if I will get HIV. But I learned that I can‚t get it unless I do certain things.

When I found out it made me feel like I was different. I think other people would treat me different because they don‚t know what it is. The things I think about when I hear the word HIV is I think Œharder‚ life because I have more things on my mind. I would have less things to worry about, because right now I worry about my mom and what‚s going to happen to her. If HIV were a person I would tell it, „stop spreading!‰. I would tell HIV get out of all these people because HIV is in too many people and it hurts the person inside and it hurts other people emotionally.

HIV/AIDS has changed my life by having to go into the city every 3 months for my mom to see the doctor. But I want her to stay healthy, every time I think about HIV I know that I am different, but who isn‚t. The upside about my mom having it is I get to go to fun camps, I get to meet new / famous people. Also, I get to speak out about HIV. Sometimes I feel like my life is a high school project because I‚m only 10 and I know my mom has HIV. I try to learn as much as I can so if anything happens I can keep my mom and myself healthy.

I have gotten closer to God every night. I pray for my mom, dad, family and anyone who has HIV/AIDS.

Camp Kindle plays a big role because I realize I am not the only person whose mom has HIV. I like that we can be ourselves and we don‚t have to worry about anything and we can just have fun. We don‚t have to worry if someone finds out that my mom has HIV. My favorite things about camp kindle are Zip Line and the dance „5 minutes of fame‰. Also, I had a fun time meeting new friends. I wrote a letter to HIV as if it were a person, I‚d like to share it with you:

Dear HIV,

I only have one word for you and that is WHY. You have made my life twist and I‚m ticked because of all the things I can‚t say. I try not to say hate but when I say I hate you HIV I know I can say it. I don‚t get why you make people think your some crazy ˆ yucky ˆ ugly thing. Don‚t you want to be loved? Because I know my mom does and everyone else. I have thought hard about my closing for this letter.

You give me mixed feelings,


Thank you for listening to my story. One last thing I would like you to remember is my wish. I wish that one day there will be a cure for HIV/AIDS and that HIV is not something to be afraid of with education and places like camp kindle.

Thanks again and God bless.


Sent via Email August 13, 2009 from Chicago, USA.


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