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Healthcare in Botswana

I'm 56 years old and was diagnosed with HIV/Aids three years ago. I became very ill and no-one suspected aids until it was almost too late.

By the time I was tested my CD4 count was down to 20 and I had cryptococeal menengitis. I have fully recovered and my CD4 count is up to 320. I feel wonderful! I stick to my medication and find that my attitude towards life has changed for the positive. If I can live for another twenty years I'll be happy.


My only worry is the health care in Botswana, it is really bad. People are dying while the government builds huge multi million dollar hospitals but without doctors or care-givers. A while ago a small baby died after being sent home becuase the sister at at hospital was 'off'. Child was only four months old and completly dehydrated. He could have been saved but there was no doctor! HIV in Botswana is talked about but no help is forthcoming. I get my ARVs from South Africa at a huge cost but the man in the street cannot afford health care. There are beautiful HIV centres being built but the staff don't have a cooking clue what they are there for. God knows where all the money that is being donated by world organiztions is going to. it is certainly not reaching the people who so desperately need it.


They turn to traditional doctors and die an early death from medications that do no more than make them vomit to 'clean their blood. I've lost two good friends to this 'treatment' because they had no access to proper treatment.


Should there not be some sort of control over what happens to the money that is donated to this cause?


Sent via Email August 1, 2009 from Botswana.


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